Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year

I took a little blogging break to head out of town to visit with family... and recover from a trampoline mishap I had while showing off to the nephews. 2008 looks to be a banner year for the trucking industry. I have a great article that tells of the past years industry statistics and gives future forecasts. I plan on dishing out a bit of the article in the next week's blog entries.

Take some time today and plan out your goals for 2008. I read an article on regrets recently. Young people usually regret something they did. Older people tend to regret what they didn't do. If you set some goals and work towards those goals everyday you are less likely to live with regrets. Try something new. As I say, if you aren't failing at something you aren't trying enough new stuff. I'm thinking regrets come from not going out on a limb because you are afraid of falling. Well I wasn't afraid of falling when I got on the trampoline but I did. I had to take a little time to recover, but I don't regret getting up there, actually landing two flips before I landed wrong. 2 successes then one failure. I can live with that record.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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