Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fill up that File

Yesterday I wrote about my filing system basics. Set up a place for customer files then start filling it up as you make your 50 calls a day. Get a big file, think big and work hard to be a student of your customer. The more you know about them, the more comfortable they will be about working with you.


1. Their brochure
2. Their signed credit application and credit report
3. Their contact list – phone & email, 2nd contact & after
hours number
4. Carriers and/or brokers that they currently use
5. Any known rate info or rates that you’ve given them – (make sure that you always date rates and info that you give your prospects and clients)
6. All signed agreements with your client
7. Ongoing correspondence notes with dates and copies of letters sent out
8. Special situations, or special equipment that they need
9. Any special billing requirements that they may have (such as things that they require on their invoices, etc.) – it is also a good idea to keep this on a separate spreadsheet of clients that have special billing requirements, to refer to while you are invoicing.
10. Articles or other information about your client

Remember that this is predominantly a relationship business, so learn more, and gather more information about your client and their company and needs, as time goes on, so that you will become a more valuable consultant to them. You want them to begin to see you as a valuable asset to their shipping operation – so the more knowledge that you are about their needs, and the more help that you can add to their shipping department, the better.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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