Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freight Brokers with thanks

I got a letter from a recent graduate of our basic freight broker course. My whole goal in opening a brokerage school was to pay it forward…teach others to find success as a freight broker with honesty just like I did. I feel very blessed. I’m very encouraged by these words:

Your course was very informative and personal , the instructors put together the best approach to the task at hand, conveyed the information in a meaningful way and used positive technique in which I will be establishing as a Broker /Agent in the industry . The opportunities that opened up, were just as they were explained to me from the start, In which I expressed my concerns for opportunity in the industry after the completion of the course. That came in 10 fold and I capitalized on it. "Many Thanks" Jeff and Jan for your help with my success.
Kindest regard,

Michael D Duggan

Another recent graduate wrote:

Matriculating into this class has given me confidence of being successful in the freight moving industry. For anyone learning this field, this class is a must. Montez Gregory, Sr.

I wish you and all our graduates much success. Call if you ever need anything.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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