Monday, March 14, 2011

Refer Carrier Needed

One of the things I really enjoy about the transportation industry is that it never gets boring. I have been riding this merry go round long enough to have worked through just about every kind of condition. Sometimes there are more trucks than cargo, sometimes more cargo than trucks but whatever the condition freight brokers are essential. One of our jobs is to understand where the market is and adjust accordingly.

Right now in the industry, it's all about capacity. Capacity equals available trucks.

For example I have 60 loads from Camilla, GA to Mexia, TX. Finding the trucks I need is the challenge. I need a refer carrier with 200k insurance. These are all S.L.C. and all loads will be sealed. Any carriers that want to talk to me about these loads - call me - we are starting in a few weeks. I will pay fair.

Carriers, this project is starting soon. I would prefer one carrier do it all. We pay on time and we pay all hours of service time and fuel surcharge. I treat my carriers with the respect they deserve. That's the bottom line as a broker or an agent. Treat both the carrier and the shipper the same. They both have needs. Meet those needs and you are in business. Last bit of advice - Always take the high road, don't do business with shippers and carriers and brokers that don't treat you with respect. Do business the right way and expect the same from everyone else.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

P.S. Want to move my 60 loads? Call me 214-206-1169

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