Friday, November 4, 2011

Freight Broker Training Special

Just in time for the holidays we are offering our very popular 2 for 1 pricing. Pay full price for one student in our Freight Broker Training Course and a second student can come for FREE. Freight Brokering is a great business to do with your spouse, your friend, sibling or your offspring. Now both of you can come for the price of one.

January is great time to start a new business. Train now so you will be ready.

Freight Brokers are always needed in our economy. Goods must be moved from where they are produced to markets all over the country. A freight broker is essential in expediting that movement.

At Brooke Transportation Training we have been helping professionals know how to use all the tools available to be come a success in this industry for decades. We teach a process that truly works. We emphasize integrity at every step.

Our instructors are exceptional in their teaching. They will answer every question along the way. Classes are small so each student gets individualized attention during the one week course as well as afterwards.

Join us at an upcoming class.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach, President Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

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