Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Freight Broker Character

Are you a character…or do you have character? Well I’d say I could answer yes to both. I know my family would say I’m a character. I love to joke around. I strive to have character as well. And it is an ongoing process. What character is? Character is to subconsciously do right. When doing things that you ought to do is instinctive and part of you then that is good character. When you show up on time out of habit that is good character. When you're honest by reflex that is good character. When you can force yourself to be patient instinctively that is good character. When something wrong or bad is done habitually we call those bad habits. Doing things good or right out of habit is called good character. We develop habits by doing something over and over again. So to develop good character we must habitually choose the higher road. After we’ve chosen that way for a while then we shouldn’t need to think about it, we just do it. I started Brooke Training because I wanted to clean up some of the bad reputation put on freight brokers. I train new freight brokers to work hard, work honestly and be rewarded. You be truthful, you will get trust. Work dishonestly, you may make a deal or two but you will not gain trust or a long working relationship with a customer. Integrity is an adjective that is easily thrown around but not easily earned. So in your dealings today think about if you are working for the common good, or just in it for selfish gain. Be a person of character. Moving forward, Jeff Roach

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