Monday, August 13, 2012

Hate Classrooms?

Does the thought of classroom instruction turn your stomach? Some of us love to sit and listen while others just squirm in their seat. Susie Moore, our Jacksonville instructor turned one classroom hater into a believer. Read what this recent group of freight broker students had to say about the course: park.

I absolutely dislike classroom learning, HOWEVER Suzie made it fun, interactive and information filled. I will recommend to others – Andrea Crutchfield

 Interesting and entertaining course… A must for anyone interested in logistics. – Jim Mickler

 I found this class very informative. I was able to follow and understand the materials and program. Susie was very personable and a pleasure to have as an instructor. Sharon Gladden

I feel more confident about working in this field. This course has been a good experience. Eric Washington

Brooke Transportation School will give you a wonderful opportunity to change your life to something better and start a new career, achieve your goals and dreams. It’s been truly a pleasure for me to be ont of their students. Alexander Lurceac

Good luck recent grads.  Let us know if we can help you along the way.

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Jeff Roach

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Exciting and fascinating course… A must for anyone interested in strategies.