Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Freight Brokers

Another group of students just graduated from our live freight broker course in Dallas. I think they enjoyed the week with us. Here an edited version of what they had to say about it: Very Good Instructors! I came in knowing very little about the transportation business. By the end of the week, I felt like I can go out and start my own brokerage company. Great! Very informative. My thanks goes to Vinny, Jeff, and Tish. Nancy Gatonye. I am very happy and excited. This course was very helpful. William Arguelles. Lot of knowledge to learn in 5 days: shipment of carrier packet; how to process the flow; what you need to set up your own business, work flow, how you get business, where you start, how to find shipments and carriers, credit checks, liabilities, insurances, and how to find and keep new customers. Amrit Pal Singh. I was impressed with the number of individuals that participated in our training that were actual Brooke graduates. To me personally that says a lot about the program. Roy Bohanan Come join us for our next class either live or online. If you’re a graduate we’d love to see you again. Moving forward, Jeff Roach

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