Friday, December 21, 2012

A Great Niche for Freight Brokers

An area of our economy that is experiencing incredible growth is natural gas from shale.  Freight Brokers looking for a niche of the market with great potential could tap into this growing segment.  The energy industry has  a variety of transportation needs.  This specific segment has given the transportation industry a 7% growth boost. 

I just read in my linked in alerts, "The natural gas "shale gale" that has dramatically transformed the outlook for U.S. energy supplies is also having a profound economic impact -- creating jobs, reducing consumer cost of natural gas and electricity, stimulating economic growth and bolstering federal, state and local tax revenue. A new IHS Global Insight study found that shale gas production supported more than 600,000 jobs in 2010, a number that is projected to grow to nearly 870,000 by 2015, while contributing more than $118 billion in GDP."

As I've discussed in other posts, finding a niche of specialization is a great way to build a freight brokerage.  Research the area you'd like to specialize in then when you talk with potential shippers you can speak their language.

Being a freight broker is a great career because no matter the state of the economy, product needs to be transported so there is always work to be found.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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