Monday, January 28, 2013

R they Scammin U

Just read this article on a scam that is targeting trucking and logistics companies and others.  Here’s an edited version for your review.  Thoroughly check and double-check all credit sources lest you too be caught in a rip off.

    “The FBI is currently investigating the activities of allegedly fraudulent Canadian business entities that are defrauding U.S. companies. In summary, the scam begins when a Canadian business (typically located in or around Montreal, Quebec) requests a line of credit with a U.S. business," the FBI said in a prepared statement.
"The Canadian business will fax or e-mail references, credit documents, and/or tax documents to prove authenticity. The Canadian business will then place an order for materials on the line of credit and arrange for shipping by a third party. The materials are hauled to Canada, and payment is never made.”
The FBI has identified Canstruct, Inc., AYA Distributors, Xpress Auto Parts, Point Tech Performer, Inc. and Emptech as allegedly fraudulent Canadian businesses as participants in the alleged scheme.
The alleged scheme has targeted lumber and construction material retailers (lumber, siding, roofing, flooring, etc.), tire retailers, auto parts retailers, trucking and logistics companies, and painting supply companies, according to the FBI.
Trade associations across the country have alerted members to the activities, and a recent story on Watchung-Green Brook Patch generated comments from 11 companies from South Carolina, Virginia and Maryland that said they were also victims of the scam. A LinkedIn discussion group called “Confessions of a Sales Manager” has generated dozens of similar comments.
Business that suspect they are victims of this scheme can call the FBI at 877-236-8947 and select option 2. Additional information can be sent via email to

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