Thursday, May 2, 2013

Freight Brokers Enjoy Class


With new industries growing the need for transportation experts is also growing.  Most every business uses products that need to be transported.  If you take our class to learn freight brokering, I believe you will be very glad you did.  But don’t believe me, listen to what our most recent group of grads had to say.  One only came because her friend talked her into it.  One came having researched well about other courses, and another was quite surprised at how much he learned in one week.  I’ve edited some for brevity and added some emphasis.

Let me start by saying that I came here because my friend invited me.  Thanks to God she did.  It’s been so great to hear and have all the information to become a broker or agent.  It was very good how they teach; you don’t have time to get sleepy.  I really want to become an agent so I am going home to talk to my husband and move forward.  I know he would like to do it also.  Keep doing what you guys did this week.  It is and was extremely wonderful.  God Bless all of the instructors.  You showed me a lot and gave me all the information I need to become a successful person.

Thanks.  God Bless you all. --Rosaida Carrie

I found this class to be very informative.  It presented areas of the business that I never imagined were part of the process. It is a very diverse business, and a competitive business.

Vinny is very knowledgeable on every aspect of the business.  He makes learning fun and interesting.  I appreciate all of the information available to me.

--Roderick R. Jones

P.S. I would like to recommend this class to anyone.

This class is very informative. I already knew a lot about the trucking side and now I know more about the operation Broker/Agent side. --Tumekia Hutchinson

Excellent training and instruction in the Freight Broker Transportation Business.  The course was above my personal expectation. -- Fernando Trevino Trevino

It was a good experience knowing more about broker freight. Great job explaining and resolving all doubts. –L. Borrerd

I researched several schools for Broker Training.  I read comments on the Internet of past students and people who had taken courses throughout the country and several said DO NOT PAY TO TAKE A COURSE.  They even recommended to buy or Google info to be a broker.

Well, they are wrong about not paying for a course…this class is worth every penny.  The instructors are knowledgeable, professional, educated, and willing to be mentors as needed.

The classes are fun!  They teach lots of ways to prospect… They taught more than I wanted to hear.

One on one, face to face they will give you the readiness to decide on your future.  -- Daisy Jones

This experience was awesome! The instructors were very knowledgeable.  I am so excited about the opportunity this training will allow me to explore.  I can’t wait to get started with my new career now that I have retired from education.

  1. All teachers’ were great, explaining so the student can understand.
  2. Love the time 9 to 5.
  3. Keep up the good work.

--Kenneth Jackson

Learn different systems of the business and get the opportunity for employment at the end of the class.  Great teachers give you the raw truth about the industry.  -- Frank Blanton

Awesome.  I learned so much, much more than I was expecting.  Vinny is the best teacher in the world! He makes learning fun and really goes the extra mile to help everyone!! --Sharelle 

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Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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Charles Brawnyson said...

It seems to me that being a produce freight broker is a great career. My brother-in-law has been doing that for almost 10 years now, and he really loves his job.