Thursday, July 25, 2013

Avoiding Increased Freight Broker Costs

My last blog was on cost increases in the freight brokerage industry.  The new transportation bill requires a $75,000 bond to be carried by all freight brokers.  But if you become a freight broker agent you do not need $75 thousand to get started.  A freight broker agent is similar to a real estate agent or an insurance agent or a franchisee.  Yet the cost to get in is a lot less than buying a franchise.  The agent represents the brokerage.  The brokerage covers the bond costs and is a support to the agent in many other ways.  The agent is their own boss but has the support of the larger brokerage.  It is the best of both worlds.  As an agent you chart your own future.  You work hard to find loads and carriers for your brokerage and both parties win.

In our course we teach our students how to open a brokerage and how to be an agent.    I've done both.  I've had my own brokerage and found great success.  I've been an agent for others and found great success. 

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