Thursday, July 11, 2013

Freight Brokers Job Openings

It is a great time to be a freight broker.  Just looked through the abundance of  job listings for freight brokers in Dallas.  There are a lot of companies that need agents to help them find truckers for loads.  Now is a great time to get trained and get going as a freight broker.

In my 30 year career in the industry I have found that it is really always a good time to be a freight broker.  There are always products that need to be moved across the country.  When the economy is ticking it is pretty easy to make money.  This is the time to show that you can get the job done, on time, in budget with integrity.  When the economy slows only the brokers that have taken care of their shippers get calls. 

We have been training freight brokers for over a decade in a process that works.  Our students leave the week long training with lots of resources, skills and confidence...just read through some of our testimonials.

So if you are ready for a fast paced career with a great future join us for our next training.  At the end of the week we give all graduates job opportunities.  Freight Brokerages that need agents actually come to class on Friday and tell the students about their company and offer opportunities.

Got questions or wanna register?  Give us a call.  214-206-1169.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Jason Knight said...

What exactly is it that a freight broker does? I have been looking into it today, but I still don't quite understand.

Brooke Training said...

A freight broker finds loads of items that need to be transported and then finds a trucker who will move the load. They negotiate between the two parties.

A freight broker can work as an independent or work for a larger freight broker as their agent.

I have done both.