Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Freight Brokers need 75K?

The following is a guest blog from Sandy Miller, JW Surety Bonds, a business contact of mine. 

How to Get the $75K BMC-84 Bond

The increased financial security requirement for freight brokers and forwarders remains a big concern when it comes to staying in business.  Whether you need to increase from your current $10K bond to the $75K bond, or you’re entering the business for the first time, this article will explain how to get a $75K BMC-84 bond.

Find the Right Bonding Agency

Agencies can be found online or by referral, but it is crucial to research and locate an agency that handles a large volume of BMC-84 bonds. Only the bond agencies with the highest business volume are able to provide the most competitive bond programs and understand the intricacies of freight broker bonds.  This translates into the lowest rates and no need to post collateral.  

How to Find the Best Bond Program

Bond providers who offer the $75K bonds usually require personal and business financials, experience in the industry and collateral.  Even if you can qualify for the new bond, the premium and collateral required are likely to be unaffordable.
Because of JW Surety Bonds’ volume and experience with freight broker bonds, they are able to offer the most competitive program in the country: 
·       No collateral
·       No financials required
·       No experience needed
·       Approvals with good or bad credit
·       Lowest rates
·       99.9% approval rate

Get the $75K Bond Now to Stay in Business 

Now is the time to shop for quotes and be prepared for the October 1st deadline. At JW Surety Bonds, incoming requests are already the highest ever seen.  It is highly recommended you act now to avoid the inevitable last minute rush of bond applications.  JW Surety Bonds offers online approvals, but applications still must be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Apply now to get an instant online quote.

Any questions about bonds, call JW Surety.  Any questions about the adventures of being a freight broker call me 214- 206-1169.  

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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