Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It’s great to be a Freight Broker Agent

With the passing of the most recent transportation bill some new regulations have been put on freight brokers.  A weighty one is the $75,000.00 surety bond required to be carried by freight brokers. 

That is a big reason why being a freight broker agent is great. 

A freight broker and a freight broker agent are entrepreneurs but in a different way.  As a freight broker you own your own freight brokerage and all that entails.  As an agent you work under a larger freight broker.  It is similar to being an insurance agent for State farm or a realtor for ReMax.  An agent is their own boss but they have support from the company they work under.  So as a freight broker agent you would not be required to have the $75K bond but the brokerage you worked under would.

In my freight broker class we discuss both avenues of being in freight brokerage.  I have owned my own freight brokerage and I have worked in many freight brokerages.  Early in my career I worked for some very large freight brokerages in nearly every capacity.  Since I am a salesman at heart being a freight broker agent was a great fit for me.  I can go out and get business for the brokerage…which I enjoy and thus do well.  The brokerage then handles much of the after the sale logistics. 

As an agent it is critical to find a brokerage to work for who is fair and supportive in ways you need.  The relationship between a brokerage and the independent freight broker will be different with different brokerages.  Our freight brokerage class finishes up on Fridays with an opportunity day.  Brokerages come and discuss their agency with the graduates and offer opportunities within their company for the graduates.  It’s a great deal. The new graduates may walk out of class with a job and the brokerages walk out with well trained freight broker agents. 

Want to know more?  Give me a call.  214-206-1169 Transportation is a great industry, always expanding as the economy changes.   

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Lance Tankmen said...

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katysewell12 said...

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Zach Thalman said...

I wonder what kind of training you need for freight brokers. I want to know if it is a job that you have to have past experience or if you can just start on the dot. I think it would be fun to help coordinate pickups and help my company ship out its products. Maybe I will have to look into this.

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Rachel Benson said...

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