Tuesday, April 29, 2014

76K Salary sound good?

I was encouraged to read that freight brokers and their agents are making good money.  According to Indeed.com, Freight broker agent average salary is $76,000, 30% higher than the average salary for all job postings.  That is up from the $48,000  reported in 2011.

That's just the average.  For someone dedicated to their career the pay can go significantly higher.  When a broker develops a trusting relationship with their clients they will get repeat business.  As their client grows, their need for freight movement grows and the freight broker also grows.  

At our school anyone with the drive can learn the needed skills to start freight brokering in just a week of training.  

What does a freight broker do?

Freight Broker and Freight Agent Duties:

Freight brokers (and freight broker agents) analyze the shipping needs of their clients, consult regarding transportation efficiency, and advise the clients about transporting cargo from the pick-up to the destination. Typically brokers/agents deal primarily with large shipments. The broker will provide the client with the costs, make arrangements for the shipment, negotiate rates, assist in increasing efficiency, attend to the paperwork on the shipment, keep the client aware of the shipment’s status, handle daily operations, keep records of the shipment and, if necessary, trace a missing shipment or assist with cargo claims.

The amount that a freight broker/agent makes is highly a function of how long a person has been doing the job. It takes some time to build up clients (typically averages about 3-6 months); Since it is most often residual business, there is not cap on what it can build up to over time as the broker/agent adds clients – (so many make much more than this over time). 

If that sounds like a career of interest to you then give me a call and we can talk further.  Or sign up for our course.  Invest in learning the ins and outs of the business that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

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Jeff Roach

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Jennifer Davies said...

What a catchy title! 76K salary is certainly a plus, but there are so many other benefits. I'm glad to hear the industry is starting to climb again. It went through a rough patch, but it's always going to be a vital carer option.

Jenn | http://tedkeyesonline.com/services