Monday, April 21, 2014

Graduate Testimonials

These comments from our most recent graduates make me very proud and humbled.  I started Brooke Transportation Training Solutions with the goal of "under promising and over delivering" (as Zig Ziglar would say).  Based on the words of these class members that is what we have done.
 When I first decided to attend the Brooke Training School, I was a little bit unsure if I had made the right decision to invest $2,500.00 for one week of training?  But after the First Day!! I knew that I made the right choice.  Our instructor Vinny, gave us so much insight into the Freight Broker Industry that I was amazed.  I have already recommended the class to 2 of my friends.  I am so excited to get started as an agent.  I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking for a career and is willing to work hard!
If I had to change one thing about this weekly training – It would be NOTHING.  My instructor was able to present all of this new transportation knowledge and insight in a manner which was clear and concise (to the point).  I really feel like this was the best $2,200/$2,400 I ever spent on my personal investment…I would recommend this school to persons who really want to get insight into the Brokering Business.
--Veronica Walker
Brooke Training Freight Broker School was very interesting.  I learned everything about the Freight Broker Industry.  This school has all the tools that you need to get started.  You just have to put the tools to work. It was very well taught.  When I came to the class I didn’t know too much about the industry.  Guess what?  Now I do.  My instructor Vinny was very inspiring and open.  So if you choose to get into the industry I would advise you to go to Brooke Training School.  All you would have to do is be patient and do your due diligence in getting started.
--Dedrick Dock
Vinny’s teaching was so good.  I would recommend this training to everyone that I come in contact with. 
I was so lost about what the difference between a broker, broker agent, and broker sub agent.  Since I’ve attended Brooke Training Solutions I learned so much about the Brokerage Business.  I’m glad I’ve made this choice.  Thank you Brooke.I really loved the way Vinny explained and discussed the ins and outs of Brokering.
--Damian Lee
This was a wonderful class.  I came in to Brooke Transportation Training Solutions Class knowing absolutely nothing about Brokering for Transportation Company.  But now I feel like I can go out into the world and compete with the best.  Our instructor Vinny is the best teacher I have ever had.  He took his time and answered all questions.  His sense of humor also made the time go extremely fast, thank you Vinny.  And thank you Brook Transportation.

--NiEtta Renolds
I recently attended the Brooke Transportation Basic Broker Course.  The training and instructors were the best that I have ever seen.  I am a retired Military Officer and Have attended many training classes both civilian and governmental sponsor.  Vinny is great at passing knowledge about sales and how to develop a customer.  His attitude and energy are contagious.  Vinny is a wealth of knowledge.  Tish Cozine is a very good instructor and her knowledge of the load boards and obtaining carrier information was wonderful.  Janis helped with the V.A. in getting my class paid for which was AWESOME.  It took a few months to get thru all the government red tape but with Janis’s help we got it accomplished.

The Brooke Training made you feel like family in the way that they made sure that you have all their contact information.  Thank you very much.
--Joseph Morris
The instructors were very nice and helpful, very open to answer any questions. They made sure that you understood the material and gave great feed back.
--Kenna Green
I liked learning about the operations side of the course.  I enjoyed being able to see and actually book real loads.  Learning the aspects of how to make cold calls was also very helpful. –Amelia

Thank you, thank you, thank you graduates for trusting us to teach you.  Thank you instructors very never compromising on quality and always teaching with excellence.
Still learning,  
Jeff Roach


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