Thursday, November 13, 2014

Freight Broker Myth #1

Dennis Brown wrote an article on brokers with assets vs. those without.  I have summarized his thoughts in my next 3 blog posts. Enjoy the read.

 3 myths about Asset vs. Non Asset based Brokers by Dennis Brown

Myth #1 Asset based freight brokers are the better choice to move my freight. 

Asset based freight brokers have their own trucks so it makes sense to think they are more ready to move a load than a freight broker who must find a carrier for the load.  Actually, most freight brokers have access to thousands of trucks through various carrier partnerships.  It may come as a big surprise to some shippers but, as a result of not being asset based, the freight network of trucks is typically much larger and more flexible then even the largest asset based carriers.   The non-asset broker has more capacity to assist his customer in moving their freight because they are able to cast a wider net.

FACT:  Experienced freight brokers can give shippers instant access to a large pool of qualified carriers and increased flexibility.  

So if you want to become a freight broker we have our quick basic course.  One week and you can start a new career.

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