Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Get More Done in 2015

Do you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done?
Staying productive and focused during the day is often a difficult and tedious undertaking. When faced with a daunting list of tasks and numerous distractions, you can only hope you’ve made some difference in your workload.
With little time and a big list, try boosting up your productivity with these easy ways.
1. Finish The Awful Tasks First Thing In The Morning
Not every item on your to-do list is exciting or pleasurable. There will be times when you have to shovel the driveway after 3 feet of snow dumped the previous night. Or, you might have to file the stack of papers that have been collecting on your kitchen table for the past week.
Whatever the task, the one that you feel is the most awful, is the one you should probably be doing first thing in the morning. This ensures that you will get it done and you can look forward to doing something else less awful.
2. Take Frequent Breaks
Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time over many years can contribute to early heart attacks. To cut your chances of serious health problems related to sitting, ensure you take many mini breaks throughout your day. Go for a walk or do some quick exercises to clear your head and help your heart.
3. Stay Clear Of Distractions
Computers, TV and your smartphone are all culprits of wasting your time away. I know it’s tempting to quickly check your Twitter or Facebook, but before you know it, you’ve spent 20 minutes “hashtagging” and “liking”.
Take it from me, if you want to stay productive and feel like you’ve accomplished something, stay away from time wasting distractions.
If you find need to go online or check your messages, be accountable and set a timer.
4. Avoid Multi-Tasking
Everyone’s done their share of multi-tasking, thinking they can get more things accomplished. But if you add the time and the likelihood of completing more than one thing at a time, chances are, you don't complete any task with excellence.
Reserve tasks like specialized attention tasks, sequential tasks, and thinking-type tasks to needing your full attention. Don’t be surprised if you’ve increased your productivity by at least 30%.
5. Speed Up Your Morning Routine
An average woman can spend up to 6.4 hours a week and men up to 4.5 hours a week getting ready and looking their best. While your appearance is an important quality, it shouldn’t consume up to two weeks of your time.
Try these tips to cut your morning routine in half.
  • Take shorter showers. An average shower takes 20-30 minutes, but you can shave off precious minutes simply by using a 2-in-1 shampoo.
  • Do some of your routine the night before. Fill your coffee maker with ground coffee. Organize your “to-do” list while watching your evening TV shows. If you have children, get their backpacks organized and hung by the door for morning.
  • Have a quick breakfast. Opt for grab-and-go foods for hectic mornings. They don’t have to be pre-packaged or unhealthy. Hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, granola bars and a nutritious muffin are all healthy and quick to eat.
These little things may only take you 10 minutes to do, but it will save you an hour the next day.
6. Get Up An Hour Early
Try waking up before everyone else. By being up an hour before anyone else, you won’t be bothered by family distractions. This leaves you time to work on big projects or organizational tasks that could benefit from a fresh morning perspective.
Or, you can use this time instead to work on balancing your priorities. Doing yoga, praying or even writing in the morning can help make you better focused, less stressed and ready to take on the day.
7. Keep Your Environment Cool
I’m sure you’ve noticed during hot summer days, all you want to do is lay around and relax. Maybe even take a little snooze. While doing this is a great opportunity to have some relaxation time, you won’t be very productive with your eyes shut.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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leachmark707 said...

I really like your guidelines to getting more done this year. I think that they make a lot of sense. I think it is wise that you mention avoiding multitasking. It is impossible to give 100% to what you are doing if you are trying to focus on 2 different tasks.
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