Monday, April 6, 2015

Knowledgeable Freight Brokers

We finished up training new freight brokers last week at our Dallas/Fort Worth class.  Our lead instructor Vinny did an amazing job at teaching and interacting with the class.  We asked them to write out their impression of the week of class.  Here's the edited version of some of their responses:

“Good Class.  Gained knowledge and experience in how to become a Broker Agent or Broker.“ --David Johnson

“What I like about the course is that the instructor allows students to dialogue and ask questions during the lesson... constantly reiterating the material so that it’s learned and not memorized.

The depth of knowledge that Vinny has is unbelievable.  What I am learning more than anything is that Vinny, is not only teaching me how to be a broker but is giving me the tools necessary to be a salesperson for any aspect of life.

I’m truly excited that I selected this course... I’m  ready to hit the ground running.”--Makita C. Wells

I benefited from) gaining knowledge about being a Broker/Agent in a demanding transportation industry. Vinnie is great.”-- Michael Thompson

Learned good amount of brokerage of sales & marketing in this business.  Great discussion about special situations.

Small group.  Good communication.  Good knowledge.  Felling motivated to continue. Confidence.  Realistic Goals.

I like everything. -- Will Tang

Thank you Vinnie and the gang for teaching.  Good luck graduates with your new exciting career as a freight broker.  

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