Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What does a Freight Broker Do?

A freight broker is the negotiator between a distributor of goods and the carrier. A key component of the job of a freight broker is to develop relationships with shippers and truckers.  A broker will find a company that needs a load of goods moved from one part of the country to another.  The broker then finds a trucker or carrier that can pick up the load and deliver it to the desired destination for the shipper.  Ideally, the freight broker will also find a load that needs to be moved from the drop off location of the first load back to the original destination.   They might find multiple loads and work out a plan for a trucker to pick up and drop off along the way.  The freight broker needs good communication, computer and telephone skills. 

The freight broker is a master problem solver.  They figure out the best way to get goods moved, negotiate fair pricing, watch the movement of loads to assure on time delivery as well as resolve any issue with the delivery.  They must build trust with shippers and with carriers.  They are a key element in the distribution of goods across our country and sometimes beyond the borders.  The manufacturers have facilities to run.  The carriers have to be on the road.  The broker is a help to both parties.  Weather, traffic and truck maintenance must be factored in. 

Similar to insurance agents and realtors, the freight broker can work independently or as an agent of a larger freight brokerage. 

I started my freight brokerage school after many years as a freight broker because I have found great success and fulfillment as a freight broker.  If you'd like to see if this is a good career possibility for you give me a call. 

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