Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Succeed with Excellence

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions is dedicated to giving our students the information they need to hit the ground running as a freight broker or freight broker agent.  We have students who have been in the transportation industries for years as well as those with no experience.  The interaction between students is invigorating.
We not only teach the skills but more importantly aim to instill a strong, positive work ethic that will motivate each graduate to succeed with excellence. Every month we have a live one week basic course followed by a second week advanced course in several locations through out the United States.  Freight Brokers in training can choose our online course that anyone can take anywhere from their computer. 
Our lead instructor, Vinny, walked two students through our advanced Freight Broker Training Course this past week.  Here is what the two said about their experience.

Vinny, I liked this class because I learned a lot of information and what you gave us was good to know and a lot of help.  Thank you very much.
Harvey Torre

Vinny is very educated and makes a great teacher.  He takes the time to make sure you understand, going back over (information) as many times as needed.  He is a great motivator and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him. 
--Steve Large
We count it a priviledge to train professionals in the transportation industry.  Those who work hard will find the industry very rewarding, meet many interesting characters along the way and be prosperous in many ways.  If you are interested I would truly enjoy chatting with you.  214-206-1169
Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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