Thursday, April 21, 2016

Proud Texan

Thank you to Judge Ryan Patrick for posting this today.  I decided to share with all my blog followers.  I find Texas history to be quite entertaining.  I hope you enjoy whether you are from our great state, or not. 

Today Texans celebrate San Jacinto Day. 180 years ago, Sam Houston overcame incredible odds to overtake Santa Anna and his army at San Jacinto, a clearing just west of downtown Houston. With chants of "Remember Goliad" and "Remember the Alamo", the 900 man Texian army, in full and controversial retreat for weeks, finally found an opportunity to attack. At 4:00 pm, while the approximately 1,200 Mexican soldiers slept, the Texians massacred the Mexican army in just 18 minutes. 650 Mexican soldiers died in battle and 300 were captured. Only 11 Texian troops were killed. After six months of military and political losses, it took only 18 minutes for Texas to finally gain her independence.

Santa Anna was eventually captured on the 21st, wearing the uniform of a regular soldier. With the Texian soldiers and officers wanting to execute Santa Anna on the spot, Sam Houston resisted and spared his life. He handed Santa Anna over to interim President Burnet who negotiated a controversial treaty, and finally sent him off in exile to Washington, DC.

In October, Sam Houston was elected President of the new Texas Republic, replacing Burnet - people now wanting to hang him for negotiating and releasing Santa Anna.

Thanks to Destin at Smarter Every Day for this awesome San Jacinto picture he took a few weeks

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