Thursday, May 12, 2016

Be a Specialist

If you were diagnosed with a peculiar disease would you rather see a generalist or a specialist? 

It seems most every industry need specialists because of the complexities of technology, the value of really understanding a specific area of business and the necessity of honing skills continually.  We have recently invested more in our Google advertising to let people know about our school.  I called the consultant I have been working with for years on my Internet set up needs to ask if he could help with our online advertising.  He said he’d recommend we call a google specialist.  He explained that although he’d read much about online advertising and understands how it works, he does not actually do online advertising for clients every day.  The Google specialists do.  They keep up with changes in the way Google ranks websites, understands how to get ads seen and producing as well as all the other nuances in that niche of the advertising world.   As the internet has grown so has the number of specialists in that arena.  There are specialists in search engine optimization, specific social media, online copywriting, e-commerce, webinars, website designers, and the list goes on and on.

Freight brokers can greatly benefit through specialization or finding their niche.  Specializing gives you a focus.  I have one freight broker school graduate who decided to focus on vehicle transportation.  She learned all she could about transporters.  She studied the automobile industry.  She learned about the lanes autos travel in the new car industry as well as the pre-owned segment of the market.  It took her awhile to learn what she needed.  Then she had to convince clients she knew how to transport their vehicles in time and on budget.  Once she got a client on board and had a little bit of a track record her freight broker business took off.  She is a shining example of the benefit of specialization. 

You can watch her video on our website homepage.  “A Successful Freight Broker’s Story”.  

If you are interested in learning to be a freight broker, well that is our specialization.  Our instructors have years in the business of freight brokering and in teaching.  We specialize in helping our graduates find a great career because the "sky is the limit with freight broker training".

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


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