Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Make the Sale

Some employ soft sale tactics, some push with a hard sale approach. Which make more sales?

All people are unique.  The most successful sales people customize their sales approach to the customer to some degree.  In sales, as in life, we can learn a lot from our experiences.  A salesperson has to develop their own style.  Learn all you can about how others approach sales opportunities then develop the approach that fits with who you are.  Learn about how your potential customer functions and you will find the key to developing a great business relationship.

An easy going, laid back personality will go into sales with an easy going, laid back style.  They will be most successful with clients who are more relaxed.  A relaxed client will welcome the calm sales person into their office or on the phone.  The two will take an easy approach to negotiating a deal with which they both are at peace.

A hard driving personality will approach sales with a stronger appeal.  Others with that type A personality will appreciate their drive.  They walk into an office or make a phone call and take charge.  They grab their client's attention from the get go and keep that attention until they go in for the sale.  The two will charge into a lively negotiation to seal the deal.

The analytical sales person approaches his clients with an abundance of data.  They will prove their case with stacks of charts, figures and testimonials.  The client will be armed with all the data they could imagine in which to make a decision.  A client with the orderly persona will really enjoy all those charts to analyze for hours.  These will take longer to make a decision but that decision will be well thought through.

The fun loving personality will charm their clients with their stories and humor.   The freight broker with this approach will be very entertaining and enjoyable to be around.  People love doing business with them because people love being entertained.  The fun loving client will appreciate the cleverness of this professional.  This professional will be challenged with attending to all the details of the contract and staying focused.

In business as in life, we all deal with all these personalities, not just the personality similar to our own.  So to find the best success, a business professional will benefit from understanding what motivates their clients and appeal to that motivator.  We can appreciate different personalities because we often wish we had a little more drive, a little less drive, more bent towards research or more humor in our world.

I'm fascinated by the uniqueness God put in each person.  Enjoy spending time with those like you as well as those not like you and you will find success.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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