Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Best Experience

We had another great group of freight broker/agent students.  Our graduates thought the class was the best experience, had very knowledgeable instructors, and was very informative.  Read through their entire testimonials:

I had the best experience with Brooke Training ever.  The instructors are knowledgeable and practical. These were the best 5 days of my career history; I would recommend
everyone to Brooke.                       - Sam M

I loved the class. I learned alot and really got a full understanding of the materials. (The) instructors were very knowledgeable and took time to answer every question.
                                                        - Joshua W.

Brooke Training was very educational for me, providing the most informative measures of teaching for learning.  The staff was well educated within the field of brokering and eager to pass on the knowledge to us as students.
                                                       - Gwenlyn C.

Very informative. Instructors were great, and enjoyed the entire experience. Thanks!          - Rogel R.

This class was very informational....Looking forward toward future business.                           - Gus G.
Are you interested in a career where the sky is the limit?  Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our course online anytime.  Have any questions about what it is really like to be a freight broker or freight broker agent?  Give me a call 214-206-1169
Moving forward,

 Jeff Roach, president

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