Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Fell in Love with Freight Brokering"

Last week, our expert instructor, Susie Moore, taught an exceptional class in Jacksonville, Florida. She set these individuals up for success in their new careers, by building their confidence and instilling her vast knowledge unto them! One of our graduates said, with Susie, they knew they were in good hands, and another said that they fell in love with freight brokering. Read their full testimonials below:

“This freight broker course has been very informative! Mrs. Moore was absolutely amazing and I love that she says even after the completion of this course, she will still be available for any questions we may have. Thank you, Brooke Transportation Training Solutions L.L.C., for the lessons and materials to build my business from the ground up.” - Elise Brooks

“I really fell in love with freight brokering at Brooke Training School. Mrs. Moore was amazing and very detailed about the freight industry. I left class confident that I could run my own brokerage firm and be extremely successful. Thanks, Brooke Training and Mrs. Moore for an outstanding job.” - Larry K. McCullers

“Training was very informative. The instructor is very knowledgeable. The course gave more than just broker training, but also in things to incorporate into your everyday life.” - Jeffery Nobles

“Class was very educational and I learned a lot. The instructor was great! She presented the information in several different ways which were all easy to understand.” - Letesa Blue

“The Brooke Training was extremely informative. Susie Moore, the Jacksonville instructor, was very knowledgeable and experienced about the information she provided us with. I felt like I was in good hands during the entire course. I thank Susie, as well as the rest of Brooke Transportation Training Solutions team, for preparing and setting me and my business up for success.” - Gustavo Fernandez

“I feel ready to enter the freight broker industry after taking this course. It was very helpful. Susie was awesome! She explained everything thoroughly and clearly, and it is a lot of information to take in. I 100% recommend this course to anyone looking to enter the industry.” - Nicole Espana  

Have you ever considered starting a career as a freight broker? Join us at one of our upcoming live classes or take our online course from the comfort of your home. Feel free to call me today if you have any questions or would like to discuss your future (214) 206-1169

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