Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Grads Tell all

I just received a bunch of comments from the latest group of soon to be freight brokers who took our basic course. I appreciate all our instructors who month after month do an excellent job imparting lots of invaluable knowledge to our students. I have the privledge of talking with many who call in to enroll in our course. I am confidant when I talk with them that they will get much out of the course because of all the graduates comments like these.

Testimonials 4/2010

Great learning environment. Very in depth on load boards and their functions. I feel very comfortable with all the sales techniques. This class will help me and everyone else who takes the class succeed in the future. E. Villarreal

Learned a lot about the freight broker business in a short few days. N. Tran

Great training source for would be broker agents with no previous experience. – V. Marquez

Enjoyed the class that teaches you so much. Really got down to the nuts and bolts of how this business operates. Jeff was really able to answer all our questions. He went out of his way to teach us as much as possible. S. Magallones

Plenty of useful information for anyone to succeed in this industry.
Class was very informative and easily comprehensible
Great job Jeff.
Thank you for all the info. – Tyler P.

I learned a lot of detail about freight being moved and what a freight broker does. I didn’t think I would learn that much. I believe this training will help me succeed in this field. Natalie P.-V

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Moving forward

Jeff Roach

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