Monday, April 12, 2010

Hard Working Freight Broker

In an up market, making money is easy. In a down time you have to work harder. You have to manage - not get managed. A broker is like a quarterback - He or She is in charge while doing business. You better know the play-book and how it works. That's what we teach at Brooke Transportation Training.

Transportation management is critical to the shipper. As a broker, you must manage risk and manage cost while providing quality service and communication. Those are the elements that make you invaluable to your customer.

The freight broker is also critical to the carrier/ owner operator because you can find them residual freight that pays well enough for them to make a profit.

The Guy at the top of the billion dollar companies cares about his people, planning and the numbers on his profit and loss as well as balance sheet. Help him any way you can by keeping his people happy and working the numbers for profitability.

The goal is to get everyone educated, build solid relationships based on trust and communication. Bring character back into this industry, not characters.

Come and Get Some Education then educate your carriers and shippers. This is a very serious situation. This industry is thirsty for respect. We must stop the bleeding and get to work making things equitable to the shipper, the carrier/owner operator and to the freight brokers/agents. Let's lead the way by how we do business.

Plus, to all the new people in this industry - integrity is an advantage. Just learn and do business the right way. You will find great carriers and great shippers.

Just keep on working. Faith enables and Fear disables.

I have faith that everything will be fine.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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