Monday, June 28, 2010

What I learned

This week I spent the week in the Midwest. I got trained instead of training others. I will begin working with a company I worked with 17 years ago when my baby Amanda was born. Brooke Training will continue on as always.

Here are a few things I learned this week:

The government is passing laws intending to make roads safer what those laws actually do is cost all of us more money for the products we buy.

Truck drivers are in high demand, capacity is as tight as ever but I still managed to bring some freight on because of my relationship with a great guy who does business the way we teach at Brooke Transportation Training Systems, with honesty and communication.

I am amazed at the technology being used. Bill Gates said in the book THE ROAD AHEAD,"THOSE THAT HAVE THE INFORMATION PEOPLE WANT AND THOSE THAT CAN GET IT TO THE PEOPLE WILL BE THE ONES THAT CREATE WEALTH IN THE FUTURE. Well the future is here. Getting out information is why I started blogging.

The company I am working with now has gone green primarily by going paperless and has won many awards for it. It is amazing.

Zig Ziglar says, “you can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. The company I spent the last week with does just that.

Never stop learning. I am humbled by how much I can learn even after 20 plus years in the business. I am impressed with those
corporate warriors who don't just talk about hard work but do it.

I was told by the CEO...

1. Make sure you enjoy going to work every day
2. Make sure you enjoy coming home.

Think about that....He brought me in his office and after 15 plus years that was his advice and he assured me that he was there to help me achieve my goals. How awesome. I feel like I went home.

Don't be scared to go get business and find your carriers. Always remember somebody is moving that freight. Might as well be you....or me...LOL.

Also take some time to get to know your shippers and your carriers. Educate and be an advocate for both. The future is what you make it and I am happy to say that I am excited about
helping people who want to get in this industry or are already in this industry.

Midwest folks are down to earth hard working people. It was an honor to spend a week with them....
It was wonderful to see some old friends from 17 years ago. The people are kind, wise and really are the smartest guys in the business.

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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