Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Get Caught Doing Good

Do you believe what goes around comes around…you get what you give…you reap what you sow… I sure do and see evidence of that all around.

Something else I’ve come to know as truth is: the greatest things in life get handed to you when you are minding your own business doing something worthwhile.

Attitude is everything
Perseverance is a close second
Focus on progress not perfection.
Just show up for work and be grateful for the opportunity of each day.

If you are not working, then volunteer somewhere that you would work if money weren’t a factor.
I know an industrious guy named Ed who is in his 70's. He became “Head of Volunteers of America” after working with gusto in a volunteer position. He volunteers somewhere and the next time I talk with him, he has a great job there....

I found my oldest daughter while shoveling hay. I was volunteering in a barn at Christ Haven Children's Home. Working just as hard as me was a clever blond 8 year old named Brandi. While working she was telling me how she had lost her foster parents and was really sad. Well, that jerked at my heart a bit. This little girl had been in the children’s home most all of her life. We decided to be her “mentor” family but became much more than that. She is my special pride and joy. She is 20 years now and just gave me my first grand baby.

She sells insurance. She is a great sales person. Not because of some training or having me as a father. She is great in sales because she knows people everywhere we go. She has a great attitude. She is beautiful both inside and out and loves people. People just know she is out for their best interest. Brandi would never do a deal with anyone unless it was good for them

In this day and time, in any business, especially a service business we have to realize that not all people in the company have sales titles but all have a part in the sales process. A salesman might secure the account but anyone can lose a customer. Remember they are called customers for a reason. They need a service that we provide. They pay our bills and make our stock go up. Every moment with the customer by anyone is a moment of truth. Do we value this relationship enough to treat them the way we want to be treated? Have you walked out of the store when they had the product you wanted but the service and communication was horrible? I sure have.

In the world of selling, the best listeners make the best sales people. Remember to be
sincere in your interest. There is nothing more valuable to someone else's self-esteem than a sincere compliment and nothing more hurtful than false flattery. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Honesty matters.

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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