Thursday, August 12, 2010

Learn from Home

Interested in learning a new skill or start a new business? Pajama learning may be just the ticket for the information you need. We have thousands of courses from which to choose. To take an online course you often need to go through a university or community college but not with Pajama Learning. Years back I convinced the coordinators of these online courses to let me offer them direct from my website. Many of the courses can earn you credit for a degree. Many of the courses are career training…similar to going to a trade school but you can do all your work online. Compared to the cost of a college education these career-training courses are very affordable.

Most courses are written by the facilitator of that course. My wife Janis Roach wrote the course on freight brokering. We are the instructors. So as you take the course if you need to contact the instructor, you’d be calling us. We not only facilitate the course we are in the business. We know first hand what you do as a freight broker or freight broker agent. We have probably encountered any snag possible in the business.

We recognize freight brokering may not be the right business for everyone so we decided to offer other online courses as well. New classes are added often so check back and see what else is available.

Dream a little, learn something new, stretch yourself and you will feel empowered. Success is yours for the taking.

Learn on,

Jeff Roach

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