Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thank a Trucker

One of the base elements of our economy is our transportation industry.  And a vital player in moving goods are the scores of truckers that drive cross country every day of the week.  It is easy to get frustrated with an 18-wheeler ahead of you on the road.  But try to appreciate the job they are doing.  They deliver food, medical supplies, big screen televisions, treadmills, vehicles and more.  We all enjoy many needs and luxeries because of the work of our truckers.   Government regulations are costing our truckers and freight agencies a lot in time and money.  Those regulations, escalating fuel costs and aging drivers are contributing to a driver shortage.
A group has gotten so frustrated that they have planned to cause a slow down in D.C.  tomorrow.  I just finished browsing reading through a few stories on the planned protest.   
If the trucks decide not to roll. The Good ole USA will really shut down! Regardless of politics. The average Joe truck driver / owner operator get's the least amount of respect in this industry and has one of the hardest jobs. We need to keep this segment of the economy going or we will all be in a world of hurt! HATS OFF TO THE TRUCKERS!

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