Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fess Up to a Mess Up

One of the reasons I decided to open a freight broker training school was to teach integrity along with
tools of the trade.  There are some unethical players in any industry and transportation is no
exception.  I've learned that I sleep better at night when I've done things the "right" way.  It
sometimes seems that the cheater gets ahead.  But I know that we all end up being treated as we treat

If something goes wrong or when the customer perceives something went wrong, apologize. Be quick
to do it.  When a customer blames or claims something wasn’t done right or to their satisfaction.  Say
something like, “I am so sorry if there has been a misunderstanding!”  “I am sorry that happened.  I
can help you, tell me about what happened.”  “Let me see how we can get this turned around.”  Then
give them time to respond.  Listen intently.  We can all learn to be better listeners. 

Our natural tendency is to want to hide our mistake, or worse, blame someone else.   Take responsibility for your part in the mistake.  We all make mistakes and appreciate when others fess up.

When addressing the issue, use your customer's name often, with an accepting tone.  Their name personalizes the conversation and warms up the tension.  After you understand the issue and have figured out how to rectify the situation get to work.

Follow through on your word and follow up on your client.  When you bend over backwards to correct a wrong you are strengthening your customer relationship. 

Call, write a personal note or email the customer and give them an update, let them know what is happening.  Remember to thank them for their patience and loyalty.

Customer service can be challenging but also very rewarding.  I've had many clients who I now call my friends because we've been through some challenging times and made it to the other side.  

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Bill Stewart said...

That sounds like a good job to get into. I'm also looking into trucking in Rockford, IL. That would be a fun job.