Friday, October 25, 2013


There are some challenges running a freight broker training school of course.  Handing training resposibilites off to my very able instructors is never a challenge.  Susie Moore one of our super instructors is amazing.  I recently received this testimonial from one of her recent graduates.  Endulge me in sharing this praise of her talents:

I have been honored to take this freight broker class at Brooke Transportation Training Solutions. Susie Moore was my trainer. Let me tell you she was awesome. She was very organized with her material and had patience with anyone that had questions. Even after training she was available when I had questions. If she could not help she would direct me to the right person and follow-up afterwards. You have a winner on your team!!!!!!!!!! I would recommend everyone to Brooke  Transportation Training Solutions. It was well worth the money. I even purchased freight brokerage software at a big discount. Thanks to the Brooke Transportation Training Solutions family.
Courtney Buford
Kevin Hughes
KC Logistics 13, LLC

In an effort to continually improve our training we ask all graduates to write a word or two about their experience.  We post the testimonials to our site.  These are their words.  We can tell you what we think about the training but a real life graduate tells it like it is.  When deciding on training I recommend reading through testimonials.  We appreciate Kevin's encouraging words and wish him much success with his logistics company.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach 

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