Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Advanced Freight Brokers

We finished up training some new freight brokers and one advanced freight broker.  Just reading their words and hearing the excitement they have after learning a set of new skills invigorates me to love this industry even more.  The transportation industry is a fast moving world.  Since I'm ADD I need to work in an environment that is always moving forward.  In the last decade we have made adjustments for fantastic new technology and challenging new legislation.  I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with many great new clients.  And I truly enjoy meeting our students, the freight brokers of the future.  Here's what some from our last class had to say about their experience. 

Beginner Freight Broker Course

"Everything was above and beyond what I expected… great educational tools that I know I will be referring back to for a long time to come. The instructors were wonderful. Each gave different viewpoints and life experiences in this field. 

The in-person training made all the difference, along with the support of these professionals that I will take with me as I move forward in this field." 

--Gwen D

"I really enjoyed everything that I experienced in this class.  I would recommend this course for anyone wanting to become a broker/agent.  

The instructors are professionals in the field that, which really builds up my confidence that I can make a lucrative living with this model, if I just apply these principles. The instructors made learning interesting and even fun."   

--Wilton W

Advanced Freight Broker Course
  I really like the way the school used different individuals to bring out and focus on what is needed to get started as well as succeed in this business.  The way Vinny presents, his portion of the course, is irreplaceable.  Thank you so much.  Well worth the time and money.

 --Wilton Wesley

Thanks again graduates for spending a week or two with us.  Good luck in your future in the transportation industry as a freight broker.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


Jason Knight said...

I will have to look into it, I learn a lot better when it is interactive, and the trainers make it fun. I think that it would be a good life skill, being a freight broker would be kind of fun.


Luke Johnson said...

Looks like a great program you've set up. The industry outlook truly is great with a lot of room for advancement and life long careers. Keep up the good work and thanks for posting.

Luke |