Thursday, February 27, 2014

Learning A Career wearing PJs.

Online Courses allow you to learn anywhere you have a computer with internet access.  You can lay in your bed with a laptop and actually prepare for a new career.  Instead of watching another worthless show on television, James decided to watch our freight broker training onlinecourse.   

James, a recent student sent me an email about his experience taking the Basic Freight Broker courseonline.  He points out specific modules he enjoyed and references the areas my wife Janis and I recorded.   Here’s an edited version of what James said:

“…I enjoyed the method by which you have developed the (basic freight broker) course. In the second module, Lessons 38, 44 & 45...those are the ones with Jeff speaking. I absolutely love them. Lesson 38 was straight, hard-core sales.  

 Module 44 and  45 was the best example of a phone call ever put on tape. Jeff had no tension in his voice, stuck to his main objective and had Janis involved. I believe she would accept higher rates. That was great.

New to the business, in my mind I needed to hear the phone call. It was knowledge based. It made me write down more questions for my own research.

Thanks I enjoyed it.

James Y. "

Thanks James, for taking our course.  And thanks for sending us this email on what you thought of the learning experience.  Don’t know if you actually took the course in your pajamas, but you could have.    We wish you lots of success and know we are just a phone call away, when you have a question or need encouragement in your grand new adventure in freight brokering.

BrookeTransportation Training developed an online version of their Basic FreightBroker Training Course to give more people access to their freight broker training.  The course teaches a successful process Brooke has used for decades as freight brokers.  The course was made available through hundreds of universities across the country with their online learning partner.  Anyone can sign up for the class through the pajama learning link on

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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