Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What does a Freight Broker Do?

Freight brokers are the guys who get products moved from the manufacturer to the seller or from a wholesaler to a retailer or from one seller to another.  Many manufacturers have their own trucks to move many of their goods but sometimes they need extra trucks and will call on a freight broker to cover those loads.  To make money as a freight broker you need to be a good listener.  To begin I tell my freight broker students you will be spending most of your day making phone calls, hunting down business.  Look at every phone call as an opportunity to help someone out with a need.  Ask good questions and listen actively to their answer.  I encourage my freight broker students to find a niche and then learn all they can about that niche.  Find a niche that involves something you love.  If you like cars, you could specialize in transporting vehicles.  Since more and more people buy their cars online, transporting cars from seller to buyer can be quite a good gig.  Transporting vehicles involves understanding specialized transporters and finding truckers that have those kind of trucks.  If you love to work out perhaps exercise equipment is more your speed.   Or if you like ice cream you could specialize in freezer trucks. 

Stay abreast of the news and you can get ideas on what industries are on the upswing.  You can develop your niche around an up and coming industry.

The transportation industry is an exciting and dynamic industry with great opportunity for those who are willing to put the work in.

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Jeff Roach


Bill Li said...

There are some really good points in this article. I'm thinking of training to be a freight broker. It seems like focusing on a specific niche would really help. I love organic food, so perhaps I can transport organic produce. It also makes sense to keep yourself updated on how the economy is affecting certain niches, because that affects how successful you would be in that niche. Thanks for the information!
Bill Li | http://tedkeyesonline.com/services/freight-broker-training/

Zach Thalman said...

We just got a new freight broker at our business. I was in charge of giving him a tour of the facility. I didn't really know what they did exactly until I talked to him about it. If there is any job that looks to help people its a freight broker. They have to go and find people to help where others in the business have scheduled places to be.

Zach Thalman | http://tedkeyesonline.com/services/freight-broker-training/

Seamus Lowe said...

I've been helping a friend find a job and I've heard about a freight brokerage job that he can look into. I don't fully know what they do exactly, but my friend is good with handling quite a bit of information all at once. He also has great people skills which have helped him in many different jobs before, so hopefully he can a job soon. http://a1freightsystems.com/agents.html