Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Success is Eminent

I thrive on hearing confident words from graduates of our training course.  My favorite phrase from this most recent group of graduates for our Dallas live class is “I am more than certain success is eminent.”  He learned not only the nuts and bolts of being freight broker but more importantly he gained the confidence needed to push forward.  As a freight broker you must make a lot of phone calls to establish a client base.  You just have to be able to understand that “no” is an encouraging word not a discouraging word.  When someone says “no” to your offer to help with their shipments that just means you are one step closer to a “yes”.   They aren’t saying they don’t think you are capable of the job; they just don’t need your help now.   

Read through a couple of testimonies from our recent class.  Thanks Vinny for teaching with such excellence every month.  Thank you graduates for spending a week with us.  We wish you much prosperity in your new career.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Not only did it meet my every expectation, but exceeded my desires.  I wanted to learn the freight broker business, and I learned of my “life” business.  I am more than certain success is eminent and my business will thrive, as a result of all I have been through.  Vinny is the man!"--Sean Thomas

"Brooke Training class was very good for me.  It was very informative and interesting.  You learn about yourself, trucking industry, and most of all the broker business from start to finish.  I would definitely recommend to a friend." --Phadra Riser

"It was a very interesting class.  I learned a lot of things in a few days.  Instructor was very supportive and communicative.  I made a good decision to take this training class.  Thanks!" --Lorenc Aleksi

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach



Thiago daLuz said...

I definitely agree with the sentiment.My friends is about to finish his freight broker training. It was a tough time, getting through it, but he's going to get started in the field right away. Thiago |

Jessie Vera said...

You made a really great point that they aren't saying they don't think you are capable, they just don't need your help now. That is a great statement and I find that to be true. I love the positivity and enthusiasm you have for freight broker training. I would have loved to take a class from you when I was thinking about becoming a freight broker agent.

Jessie |