Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do You Need to Be Trained to be a Freight Broker?

I often get asked,"Is training worth the cost?"

I answer by telling my story of why I started a training school.  I have been in the transportation industry since I graduated from college (with lots of help of my girlfriend, now wife).  It is the perfect business for me because I can be salty with the drivers then clean up to meet with the “suits”.  I enjoy the fast paced nature of the business.  I fell into the white glove priority delivery niche of the business.  When a shipment has got to be there on time I dog it til it makes it.  I have always been a great salesman.  I won all the top sales award for all the fundraisers I ever helped with from elementary school on up.  So being a freight broker comes naturally for me.  As a freight broker I sell to shippers and negotiate with carriers.  I like being in the middle.  What I have not liked about the business is there are a few in this business, as in any business, who lack integrity.  That is a main reason I started my school.  I have been highly successful without compromising my principles.  In the short run it sometimes feels like the cheaters are winning but in the long run you get what you give.  Work an honest day and get an honest return.  Trust and be trusted.  Lie and be lied to.  It is a simple concept but few truly grasp the impact of it. 

I read comments on forums that rag on freight broker trainers as shysters, out to get money and give you nothing.  Not all the students who attend Brooke Training have been successful brokers.  But it is not because we don’t teach the right stuff.  Some fail because they don’t work the process.  Others fail because they stop too soon.  And others fail because it simply is not the right fit for their personality.   I teach a successful process.  I know it is successful because I have been successful with it, as have others.

That is why I started a training school to teach how to do this business with integrity and to share the process I honed over decades in the industry.  Each month our students have the opportunity to give us feedback on the class.  I send a blog with those testimonials each month and we post the testimonials on the website.  These are not my words, not made up words but the words of actual students just as they finished the week long course.  

Have any questions?  Give me a call 214-206-1169.  We'd enjoy seeing you in a class real soon.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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