Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Value of Training

Is on the job training enough to keep a freight broker honed in his career?  I believe on the job training goes hand in hand with formal training courses.  We developed our freight broker training course to include both instruction from a professional as well as hands on opportunity of working in a brokerage.  We set up a brokerage for each training course.

Training is an excellent way to boost confidence.  When we are in a community of learners we have a greater zest for learning.  Newly learned approaches boost our confidence in our job and our enthusiasm about our job. 

A freight broker may be great at finding shippers but not finding carriers.  Perhaps they have a good network of carriers but are not good at finding shipments both ways.  A training course can give valuable tips on how to fill in the blanks.  A training course may great be a reenforcement of the best processes for freight brokering. 

At Brooke Training we teach a proven process for finding carriers, finding loads and all else involved in freight brokering.

If you own a freight brokerage we would be honored to train your agents.  They can come to one of our scheduled courses or we can come to you.  If you'd like me to come and consult with you on how you can take your brokerage to the next level, give me a call:  214-206-1169.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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Susan Hirst said...

I agree that training is a great way to boost confidence. People are much more confident when they have the knowledge and skills to do their job. That is why providing freight broker training is essential.

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