Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Motivated Freight Brokers

We enjoyed another week of training some motivated freight brokers.  Thank you to our faithful instructor Vinny and my entire team.  I can tell you all day how good I think the class will be for you but my words are not nearly as powerful as those who have taken the course.  So take a few minutes to read what our most recent Dallas live course graduates say about their experience.  If you’d like to be challenged, develop confidence and be encouraged while learning a new skill give us a call. 214-206-1169.  

Here are our graduates testimonies:

Before starting the broker training, I didn’t know what to expect.  I wanted to learn the brokerage business and the ins and outs, and not know if this training would be enough to start my business and be successful.  After the first two days of the session I developed a lot more confidence in myself and ability to be successful in this profession.  In addition, the instructor was able to answer all of my questions pertaining to personal development and business success.

Knowing that my success is based on the work I put into it and knowledge gained through Brooke Training I am ready to start, or rather continue my journey.   --Sequoiah  Brown

I’ve learned a great business model to follow in my efforts to build my business.  Vinny’s personal development “focus” was a plus in this class.  I would recommend BTTS for anyone interested in the 3rd party logistics before making the career change.  Thanks for everything.

 I want to personally thank Jeff Roach for sharing his life experiences with our class.  --Marc Stephens

If one word could describe my time spent here with Brooke’s team it would be encourage!  Relationship building takes great encouragement; I found a new me and I have learned how to share this with the world.  I owe this to my great instructor Vinny.  I now can adjust and be more active in building relationships with value.

 I uncovered that being emotional with care, I am able to use logic to gain better results and productivity as a broker, business owner, and individual.  Thanks Vinny for the life teaching that will remain with me if I put the work in and build relationships with people of integrity, I will become a 24 hour champion! --Troy Dean Booth

 When I started this class I expected to learn the basics of truck brokerage.  I got so much more.  I had no idea what I was in for.  Vinny taught me so much about myself I had no idea I needed to know myself before learning the trucking industry.

The positive experience I got from the Brooke Team was honesty about what to expect in the business, learning about what to get from myself to achieve my goals in my life.  Knowing Vinny is a life changing experience.  I feel so fortunate to have been blessed by the teachings of Vinny and Brooke.  Well worth the money.  Thank you so much. --Laura Roland

I researched a few schools and the first time I called it was like I was being sold to a college.  They wanted my credit card number and told me my class would be on line.  When I called BTTS, I spoke with Jeff Roach.  When I told him who I was, and what I wanted, he said “read all about us, then if you like it, come to my live class.  I liked what I read about the training and I enjoyed our conversation. I came here to learn brokerage, but today I am leaving a better man, father, and customer service provider.  With the tools you learn from Vinny, I know I am prepared for a successful life and new career.  Thank you Vinny, Jeff, Jan, and the Guest.  --Sir Thomas Gaither

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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