Monday, November 30, 2015

Sell Through Helping

When you think of a high powered, successful sales person what is their number one quality?

Pushy, talkative, obnoxious,forceful, irritating...?  The list could go on with annoying qualities we have all seen in a sale person.  I was born with an innate ability to sell.  I really enjoyed door to door sales of cookies, candles, cleaning products, whatever we were selling in school to raise money.  My mom will tell you, I was good at selling from an early age.

I may have some of the above characteristics but I know those are not the characteristics that I aspire to display.  I know those are the not the characteristics that make me a good salesman.

The best thing I can do for a customer is help them.  To help them I need to understand their business and how I can help that business do even better.  As a freight broker I can help my customer get his product to market.  That is incredibly important and actually critical.  Because, of course, if a product doesn't make it to market it can not sell.  If the product doesn't sell then the company profit is zero.

A astronomical number of products are now sold online.  That market change has changed distribution points but it has not changed the need for products to moved across the country.

So the job of the freight broker is to figure out the unique supply chain of their customer or potential customer and find the carriers that can service that line.

The more knowlegable a sales person is about a customer's business the more likely they are to get business from that customer.

Businessmen love to talk about their products, marketing and goals with an interested professional who has their best interest at heart.   I think about my customer and how I can help them before I talk with them about my business.  In other words I put myself in their place, try to think like they would think and anticipate how I can help them maximize their profits by finding the cargo services they need.

Go out and have a great day.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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