Monday, November 2, 2015

Husband and Wife, Dynamo Working Team

Looking for a great family business for a husband and wife to work together? Freight brokering/freight broker agent is that business.  Brooke Transportation Training has had many couples attend our freight broker training together.  They can build their business both having the same knowledge and motivation we teach in our classes.  I know in my marriage, my wife is a better listener than I am.  When a husband and wife come they retain different bits of information.  As a broker you work both ends of the lane, both the goods distributor and the carrier.  My wife and I have worked together for a couple of decades.  I’m good at building relationships with customers.  She’s good at details, so she keeps all our paperwork done and pays the bills. 

The transportation industry is critical in our economy. Freight brokering is a job that is always needed because we are a consumptive society.  Families spend millions of dollars each week on groceries, clothes, and household needs.  Those needs have to moved from one area of the country to another.

In our last live freight broker training class in Dallas the Davis husband and wife team attended.  This is what they said about the class:

“When my husband and I arrived to Brooke Transportation Training, we figured we would gain some knowledge on being a broker, from day one Mr. Vinny gave us way more insight on the brokering than we expected. We could not have made a better decision on coming to this training.  Brooke Transportation Training is the absolute best.” -- Allison Davis

“Attending this class has been a joyful experience.  Mr. Vinny went above and beyond.  Me and my wife have gained knowledge and understanding to take back with us to officially run a company.  We couldn’t be more excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Brooke Transportation training was the best decision my wife and I could have made.  Mr. Vinny gave us so much knowledge on so many subjects.  It was just a great opportunity for me (us).  And we would do it all over again.  Hopefully this training will help us to be more successful as a broker. “
--Daryl Davis

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

P.S.  We often have a 2 for 1 special going so if you'd like to attend with your spouse or another just ask.  

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