Thursday, November 19, 2015

Fun, Pleasant and Great

Fun, pleasant and great are a few of the words used to describe Brooke's advanced Freight Broker Training course.  The week long class takes all the skills learned in our basic course and puts them in action.  In our advanced course students book loads with instructors right there to assist them all along the way.  We just spent a week with some professionals who are destined for a profitable future in freight brokering because they invested in their education.  Here is what a few said about the experience:

The freight broker advanced course helped me out to have a better point of view of the transportation industry.

Brooke imparted lots of resources that I am planning to use on my business. That is exactly what I was needing. --

I wish I could've taken this class before because it could have save me a lot of headaches.   The class was fun, educative, and people are fun, pleasant, and a great source of information.  --Leticia Medillian

Very informative and detailed. Great student and instructor interaction. I would definitely recommend this course if unfamiliar with the transportation business. I was able to ask questions freely and the instructor did a great job of answering. The interaction with Vinny was great as well, and more, the lessons were unique and fun. --Hugo Lopez

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Jeff Roach

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