Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Be Your Own Boss

Would you like to be your own boss?  You can work from home or anywhere with a computer, phone and internet access as a freight broker or freight broker agent.  Being a freight broker agent is similar to being a real estate agent or an insurance broker.  As a freight broker agent you have the support of a larger agency while maintaining your own business. 

Freight brokers are required by law to have a $75,000 bond so that if any of the loads you are brokering get lost or damaged you will have the money to cover the damages.  That bond money is one of the reasons many brokers work as agents rather than independents.  The "parent" freight brokerage will carry the bond for their independent broker agents.  Many of our students start out thinking they will open their own agency then during training change their mind.  We have many freight brokers who recruit from our school.  On resource Friday, the last day of class, several freight brokers come and present to our graduates.  Networking on Friday is always a highlight of the training.

A freight broker or freight broker agent works hard to land their first customers or shippers.  We teach our students a proven process for finding clients.  After an agent gains the trust of a few shippers they are set up to make an excellent income.  Shippers will continue to call on the freight broker with future shipments.  So a satisfied customer is the goal of each freight broker negotiation. 

Transportation is an industry that is fast paced and exciting.  There is always a need for freight brokers because of our vibrant marketplace.  Come join us and learn the ins and outs of freight brokering.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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