Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Freight Broker Graduates

We recently finished a basic freight broker training course one week, followed up by a freight broker advanced course the next week.  The group of professionals who came to learn freight brokering was exceptional.  One student loved the detailed info, one learned to get more freight for his oil industry trucks, one had tried to learn it all on his own then came to Brooke and now has direction, and another appreciated the skills learned for cold calling.  Our classes are filled with a variety of people from various backgrounds.  Every class is unique and enjoyable for our instructors. Thanks for these comments on your time in the course:

"I attended Brooke Transportation for (freight broker/agent) training.  I greatly appreciated the detailed information about agent (agency/) brokering. I think that the information provided is needed for this industry. After the first week of school, I feel motivated to move forward in this industry. The instructors provided as much info as they could possibly (provide).  All of my questions were answered and I feel confident that I have a good foundation set to start step by step, moving forward. I would recommend anyone with experience in the industry understand that taking this class is great basic knowledge needed to run a tight, organized business to be successful.
Today I feel that I will start as an agent and set goals to later become a broker."  -C. Parker

"(I) did months of free deep research and still couldn't find direction in (the) freight broker business. Now I know. The school was very helpful and saved me more money in which I would've invested and lots of time. Also, good networking and contacts provided. Thanks BTT" 
-C. Martinez

"My name is Esau Garcia, I am from Glenwood Springs, Colorado. I took this class because I work in the oil field (industry) and work has been super slow. I really enjoyed this class. I felt a lot more confident as far as getting more work for our trucks. They also brought a guy in...Bryan Flanagan. He was very motivational.  I'm super excited for what is ahead." -
E. Garcia (Basic and Advanced Training)

"All of the instructors were open to all questions without any talk down. I am leaving with a great understanding of freight brokering." -
H. Arnold

"I really enjoyed the class. I came in only knowing about the truckers' end. I have clear knowledge now on (how) the broker side runs. I really enjoyed the cold call examples." -
Litzia M.

"I really enjoyed how passionate the instructors are. They give you all (of the) information and even bring in a tech support instructor for recommendations on your purchases. They really cover all bases, laws, and are extremely friendly and patient with all questions."
- Roger V.

"...There was so much information given to us. All of the teachers were so supportive, they all gave us their contact info for if we ever need any help....willing to help until we absolutely get everything. This class was very beneficial and I do recommend it to anyone!"
- Elizabeth G. (Basic and Advanced Training)

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach


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