Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Great, informative and enriching

Our latest live freight broker/agent course was great, informative and enriching according to the participants.  We purpose to always exceed expectations in our classes.  We are honored and appreciative of these kind words from our recent graduates:

I really enjoyed the course! ...Each instructor was great! ...personality...real life experience...do's and don'ts of brokering...professional and bright...live brokers situations and problem resolution.
I am an accountant (CPA) and I believe this class should be taken by potential brokers!
I found the course very informative. Each day builds on the previous day which provides
building blocks to becoming a brokerage. The class provided the confidence needed to get started in the brokerage business. - P.Evans

Extremely informative and organized presentations....Very informative and to the point...Loved the laid back mannerisms of each instructor....were able to give us some real world experience and allowed us to see what it is really like when trying to move a load and obtain freight....SO much useful information was given and great idea(s) on how to organize our daily operations. All in all the experience was enriching.  Glad I was able to attend and hope that I can take all this information and make a great business out of this. THANK YOU.   - S.Garcia

My favorite part about this course is how INFORMATIVE and well paced the speakers are. I learned SO MUCH in my week here and it was well worth the time and money. -C. Fowler

I've learned so much this week. The instructors are full of knowledge and experience. I enjoyed the sales portion of the course. Met a lot of great people. This is definitely a must take course for individuals and companies that are thinking of getting into the transportation business.  -Cleo E.

The program was great. Brooke has a lot of knowledgeable people and they are very open to sharing their knowledge with you. I also like the fact that they have multiple people come in to teach and share information with you.
The experience opened a new door for me as an owner operator who is trying to expand my operations and diversify our service. I also like that Brooke is open to help you start this new journey.  - M. Godwin

Awesome experience! Being in transportation since 1999, it was great to see what it takes
from beginning to end in transporting freight. The instructors are great and the best part is
that they are in the industry. Take the time to come to the class if you're interested in
brokering. It's well worth the time and money!  - G. Ellington
Come join us at our next class.  
Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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