Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Brooke’s Mission and Vision

Our mission:
Educate and motivate the Go Givers and the Go Getters.

Our Vision:
Help others realize their God Given right to success, put the past behind and start fresh daily. We are responsible for our future. We are the only ones who can use our abilities.

Help those who really need to work from home have a viable opportunity and to give them a map with clear directions. We believe the only true joy in life is in helping others. Not for the glory but because we all need help, grace and humility.

Even though our focus at Brooke Transportation Training is freight brokering, we are truly in the small business-business.

We have the resources every small business needs:

• Business plans for every type of business from Palo Alto.
• How to books from Entrepreneur.com.
• Motivational products from Ziglar Training.
• Business consultants and trainers through Brooke Consulting
• Top ten elearning courses (click Gatlin's blue logo on our site).

In Texas we have the top monthly freight broker training course. We train people how to be freight brokers from home. This is an ideal career for people with disabilities, work from home moms and truck drivers.

We will be announcing a date for a full day of advanced sales training from Bryan Flannigan, a top trainer for Zig Ziglar. We will be testing this market and local demand. I will be sending emails to mortgage companies and insurance agents to promote Bryan’s advanced course.

The goal of this blog is to help people wanting to get into the best home based business (freight brokering) as well as offer other product essentials for the small business on our web site. Check out our affiliations. We advise you to visit them. We are proud and honored to be aligned with such prestigious groups.