Thursday, March 29, 2007

Work from Home Tips

Working from home is great…and not so great at the same time. There are many distractions: an extra hour of sleep, calls from friends, the yappy dog, the household chores, etc, etc… Here are a few tips for successful working from home:

1. Set a goal for everyday. In Freight Brokering you got to commit to make 50 calls a day, everyday. Call new contacts as well as follow up with old ones. Today may be the day they need you, but you have to call and ask. Keep an idex card on each customer with things you learn about them, personal as well as professional so you have at hand great talking topics. Building relationships takes time but is worth the effort.

2. Handle your toughest chores first. We tend to put off the things we don’t like to do. But if you get those out of the way your mind will be freed up to do those things that you want to do. Only when you’ve cleared out the burdens will your mind be able to dream big.

3. Keep your workspace organized. We work more efficiently when our area is uncluttered. Clutter around will translate to cluttered thinking.

4. Take time to plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. And how do you know you’ve reached a goal if you haven’t set one.

5. Figure out your greatest motivating factor based on who you are. Personality wise: Drivers are motivated by control. Perfectionists are motivated by order. Peacemakers are motivated by ease. Populars are motivated by Fun. A popular makes sales calls fun by turning them into a game of cheer. How many grumpy people can I talk to today and try to turn around their attitude?

These are just a few work from home tips. Appreciate the luxury of a home office. Reward yourself everyday for a job well done by concentrating on what went right in the day rather than who irked you. Don’t let the distractions shake your focus from your goals. Reaching goals will give you a sense of accomplishment that is reward in itself.